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Manufacturing services

GRITEC is a system service provider. Its portfolio includes the manufacture of functional units, prototypes, series devices and complete systems. In Grüsch, we produce high-tech components directly from CAD data files and assemble them. We are connected to a supplier network that provides us with quality components.

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  • Parts manufacturing

    The GRITEC technology centre in Grüsch is equipped with powerful CNC milling and turning machines. GRITEC manufactures precision components for prototypes, systems and external clients as an extended workbench.

  • Supply chain

    GRITEC has established an international supplier network that adds to its portfolio manufacturing processes and assembly and installation services. GRITEC organises the supply chain during the industrialisation phase of product developments.

  • Assembly / clean room

    GRITEC offers assembly of assemblies and devices as system construction. Scalable assembly areas and an ERP merchandise management system are available for this purpose. We cover the complete service chain – from concept and engineering to the finished product including packaging service. High-tech assemblies are assembled in our own ISO 7 clean room.

  • Technology Demonstrators / rapid prototypes

    We combine engineering, manufacturing and assembly services. This enables us to produce assemblies for feasibility studies in a timely manner. Tests for solution optimisation shorten the project duration. We produce fully functional prototypes to carry out system tests or field tests.

  • Service availability

    With commissioning (factory acceptance test) and acceptance (site acceptance test), the high-tech systems enter the productive phase. GRITEC offers support and regular maintenance online and on site. This ensures maximum availability and productivity.

  • Automation systems upgrades

    GRITEC has interdisciplinary system expertise to provide engineering services at the production site. We update your infrastructure as soon as products or production planning systems are renewed or safety requirements change. If your end clients require production traceability or more output, we will implement it.

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Georg Gujan

Georg Gujan

Head of BU Manufacturing Services Location: Grüsch