solution by skipp communications AG


Modular elements for blasting cabins

Reduction of manufacturing costs, shorten installation time

How can the production costs of the existing design concept be significantly reduced and at the same time a construction kit for further plants be developed?

This was the question we worked on together with the GRITEC client.

After a joint analysis of the existing solution, a new concept was developed during the creativity workshop. The combination of the experiences of the customer and the GRITEC designers led to new realisation concepts. These concepts were evaluated and constructively implemented in the next step.

To verify the chosen concept, a "mock-up" - a small part of the system - was procured and set up and analysed at the client's premises. Parallel to this, critical parts - for example the element with the door - were calculated and evaluated using FEM simulations at GRITEC. Optimisations immediately flowed into the construction of the first, new blasting cabin.

For the subsequent blast cabinet, another joint workshop was held with the client to identify further optimisations.

With this iterative procedure it was finally possible to develop a construction kit that is sustainable and has a high degree of reuse.


Key facts

  • Implemented: 2019

  • Sector: Special machine construction

  • Services and solutions: System
    Innovation, Engineering

  • Client: roxor by Freymatic AG

  • Technology requirement: Construction, FEM calculation

  • Key technologies: Stell know-how, creative methods