solution by skipp communications AG


Retrofit PLC / Elektric

Modernization of the existing production line

An existing production line was modernized by means of a targeted retrofit of the control system, electrics and drive technology. This measure enabled production accuracy to be optimized. Shorter setup times and less material consumption during grade changes are the pleasing results. The existing hardware can continue to be used for several years, thus providing investment protection. Only a very narrow time window was available for the engineering and the conversion.

Key facts

  • Implemented: 2020

  • Sector: Special mechanical engineering

  • Services and solutions: Industrial

  • Client: Sheet metal production

  • Technology requirement: precision

  • Actuator technology: Servo drives

  • Sensor technology: Inductive

  • Controllers/controlling: Beckhoff SPS

  • Programming language: TwinCAT3

  • Key technologies: Servo drives, HMI programming